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Instantly communicate with teams, wherever they are located

Many public safety organisations have made the decision to move to push-to-talk over cellular (POC) solutions that use the OMA-POC 3GGP standard. PTTI is a major contributor of this initiative and a major investor in the software. PTTI already delivers the full suite of solutions and technology to be able to deliver POC solutions to OMA-POC 3GGP standards.

The move from TETRA networks to PTT solutions will take place over the next decade, PTTI is well placed and ready to be your partner as you migrate. PTTI have extensive experience in working with public safety customers, both in the TETRA and PTT technologies, we understand the operational requirements and complexities you face and can help you navigate the migration smoothly.

Cost saving group communication solutions

For public safety organisations, the traditional TETRA networks are financially prohibitive and the technology is restrictive. Migrating to a POC solution with PTTI drastically reduces costs, with no requirement for investment in infrastructure, whilst removing geographical restrictions and increasing functionality.

Our subscription model allows our clients to spread the cost of POC group communication over the term of the contract, which can be adjusted in real time, as your requirements change.

Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC. Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.

Maximizing next generation technology for productivity

We recognize that Police, Fire and Ambulance have different operational demands, and having worked extensively with each service, PTTI understands the specific requirements and can tailor our PTT POC solution to meet those unique demands.

For all services, we understand the importance of security. Our solution meets all OMA-POC 3GGP standards, which as industry leaders, we are on the forefront of setting. We provide national coverage and can integrate 3rd party applications such as ANPR, Patient Management and Fire regulation applications.

Who we work with

Our POCIT PTT solution delivers a high end group communication subscription service that utilizes cellular, WIFI and broadband to connect teams across networks, locations and devices.

With access to our bespoke platform you will no longer have to suffer from coverage restrictions, expensive infrastructure investment and frustrating licensing administration. You’ll get boundary less coverage, at a fraction of the infrastructure cost and with no licensing restrictions.