What is Push to Talk over Cellular?

An instant communication solution facilitating one to one or one to many voice calls replacing traditional two-way radio systems, now without geographical boundaries Utilising existing cellular network or Wi-Fi infrastructures. Dedicated communication without the requirement or restriction of Ofcom licensing. No requirement for expensive on-site infrastructure Quick deployable solutions.

Why push to talk over cellular is right for your business

Your team and their ability to work together in real time, wherever they are located, forms the beating heart of your operations. The effectiveness and efficiency of your operations stand and fall based on your team being able to co-ordinate and gel their efforts successfully and seamlessly.


What’s more, your legal health and safety obligations and duty of care towards your staff also increasingly require you to be able to demonstrate that your organisation is there with those mobile deployed resources “virtually and at all times” wherever they find themselves as part of their assigned tasks and remits. You depend on them and they depend on you.

Push to Talk over Cellular

What’s more, keeping all your team up to date and informed together, in real time, is actually a highly effective and practical way of ensuring efficient and effective responses, and improved organisational reaction times to the issues, demands and activities that you expecting and requiring your teams to deal with.

Group communication is the ultimate productivity tool that keeps you team on message, on task and pulling together collectively to achieve your common goals.

Real time PTT group communications is a way of achieving these objectives.

No Ofcom licence required
No Ofcom licence required
Quick deployment; the devices are pre-programmed (as specified by you) and ready to go out of the box with no licence required you can have the equipment within a couple of days.
Multiple user groups to accommodate the departments within your business.
Use your own apps on your POC device – combine the devices your team currently uses into one POC device.
Lone worker and man down features.
Dispatcher application; manage your team from this easy to use desktop application providing all call, voice recording, dynamic groups, text messaging and GPS features.
GPS tracking as standard – have that extra duty of care benefit included within the POC service.
Devices will work over Wifi or cellular – you can dynamically roam between the two if your teams move in and out of building wifi coverage.
Device agnostic.

Industries that use POC as their communication solution

Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC.
Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.

Public Transport

Waste Management


Shop & Pub Watch



Local Authorities


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