A PTT Service

With NO Boundaries

Crafted PTT software that helps businesses connect teams with greater speed, security and functionality.

Introducing POCIT PTT

Leveraging next generation technology to connect your teams securely

Our POCIT PTT SaaS solution delivers a high-end group communication subscription service that utilizes cellular, wifi and broadband to connect teams across networks, locations and devices. With access to our bespoke platform, you will no longer have to suffer from coverage restrictions, expensive infrastructure investment and frustrating licensing administration. Get boundaryless coverage, at a fraction of the infrastructure cost and with no licensing restrictions.

About PTTI

Formed in 2007 PTT International have been delivering group communications across mobile networks and broadband IP networks for over a decade.

Since its inception PTTI has also diversified into complimenting technology solutions that strive to allow our users to make better informed decisions and achieve stretch goals. Our portfolio of enterprise solutions are geared to ensure users Know More. Do More.

Our OMA PoC standards based PoC-IT PTT™ solution resolves many of these headaches organisations face with traditional two way radio deployments.

Promoting Sustainability

Not only do we evolve in Technology, but our approach to how we use the earth’s resources needs to evolve. Adopting PTT technology does exactly that. Deploying a PTT solution requires no additional infrastructure, no concrete, no more masts, no more copper or fibre connectivity, it’s built on existing infrastructure.

By converging your device strategy into one device rather than two or even 3, reduces your consumption of Lithium, reduces the amount of electricity required to charge multiple devices and reduces waste. We know, like us you care about the environment every small change, makes a big difference

Industries that use POC As their communication solution

Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC. Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.



In order to deliver a professional, highly available and cutting edge push-to-talk over cellular services, it’s imperative we work with equally high availability networks. Our service utlizes existing infrastructure, but delivered to you via private access point names (APN) optimized to give you the highest level connectivity.

Become a Partner

Why partners choose PTT International as their go-to push-to-talk solution

We work with a variety of consultants and companies that partner with PTTI to deliver cutting edge Push-to-Talk cloud based, secure group communication solutions.

Our industry leading, subscription based solution delivers a host of solutions, from connecting from multitude of IP bearers to mapping with real time awareness. With first class customer support and the latest hardware, we are able to give our partners the complete push-to-talk package.

If you are looking to partner with a Push-to-Talk solution provider that works with their partners to deliver the best subscription based PTT solutions on the market, speak to the PTTI team about becoming a partner.

Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC. Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.

Push-to-Talk Hardware

To compliment PTTI’s cutting edge secure group communication solution, we also offer a wide range of complimentary hardware devices.

We are able to offer devices that are built specifically for your environment. Whether you need a robust and rugged device or a device that’s able to offer superior audio quality, we are going to be able to provide you with the device that fits your needs.

All our devices are built for enterprise and public safety. Built within the familiar Android architecture our devices are intuitive and easy to use.

We have a wide range of devices available, from mobiles, hand portables and POC dispatches. Our team will be more than happy to help you find the right devices for your needs.