PTTI: Experience Matters

Market leading, elegantly crafted SaaS services delivered by experts.

Who we are

Formed in 2007 PTT International have been delivering group communications across mobile networks and broadband IP networks for over a decade.

Since its inception PTTI has also diversified into complimenting technology solutions that strive to allow our users to make better informed decisions and achieve stretch goals. Our portfolio of enterprise solutions are geared to ensure users Know More. Do More.

Our OMA PoC standards based PoC-IT PTT™ solution resolves many of these headaches organisations face with traditional two way radio deployments.

Who we work with

In order to deliver a professional, highly available and cutting edge push-to-talk over cellular services, it’s imperative we work with equally high availability networks. We currently have partnerships with network providers that allow us to deliver full national coverage as well as international coverage.

Our refined and well crafted software service piggy backs existing infrastructure, but delivered to you via private access point names (APN) optimized to give you the highest level connectivity.

Become an Investor

PTTI, as a SaaS focused, highly profitable recurring revenue based business, is at the forefront of the global standard which drives the PTT market. In order for us to become a truly international business, we are looking for strategic financial and commercial investment to take full advantage of this fast moving, growing market.

The push-to-talk industry is growing exponentially, with the current market worth in excess of 30 billion dollars.No longer dominated by a handful of PMR and LMR suppliers, SaaS solutions like PTTI, use existing cellular infrastructure, with a secure, private cloud environment to allow instant and group communication, without requiring expensive infrastructure.

Leaders In The PTT Industry

Using existing infrastructure makes PTT solutions sustainable. Working with PTTI is beneficial for companies that have corporate environmental responsibility policies and targets in place

We are at the forefront of the industry, providing industry leading technology and driving standards as contributors of OMA-POC 3GGP.

PTTI are one of the industry leaders of a rapidly expanding global market. PTTI are exploring potential investment opportunities to take advantage of our position in the market that is seeing exponential growth.