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Helping businesses connect teams with greater speed, efficiency and security for over 10 years.

Instantly communicate with teams, wherever they are located

Running a modern airport requires people to be at the right place at the right time, There are multiple demands for immediate, secure communications. Be that air side, operational, maintenance or airline operators .

PTTI understands those demands and has been supplying instant communications to Airline fuel suppliers, airport operational maintenance teams, airport restaurant and retail outlets and airline operators for the last decade.

Historically, operators have been contractually obligated to use legacy systems managed by the airport owner. However, radio users have the ability to use PTT solutions to reduce costs and enhance capabilities.

Fit for purpose: Convergence of devices

Airport radio users are often required to multi-task. They have traditionally had to manage multiple devices to be able to perform their job effectively. The PTTI solution will run multiple applications simultaneously and elegantly removing the necessity of carrying multiple devices, requiring multiple batteries to be charged throughout the working day.

This not only improves workforce productivity, and enhances user experience, it also reduces costs significantly and well as positively impacting your carbon footprint.

Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC. Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.

Keeping your staff safe, wherever they are

Aviation companies have a duty of care for their workers. Airports are busy and potentially dangerous places, with large machinery, different vehicles and an ongoing security threat to manage.

Using PTTI’s SafeStaff application provides management with visibility of their workforce, whilst ensuring remote or isolated workers are safe.

Using the Lone Worker, and Man Down applications, control is alerted when workers don’t feel safe or are involved in an accident.

Who we work with

Our POCIT PTT solution delivers a high end group communication subscription service that utilizes cellular, WIFI and broadband to connect teams across networks, locations and devices.

With access to our bespoke platform you will no longer have to suffer from coverage restrictions, expensive infrastructure investment and frustrating licensing administration. You’ll get boundary less coverage, at a fraction of the infrastructure cost and with no licensing restrictions.