A PTT Service

With NO Boundaries

Helping businesses connect teams with greater speed, efficiency and security for over 10 years.

Introducing the PTTI Partner program

PTTI are looking for national and international telecommunication specialists to join our partnership program. Our program offers businesses a lucrative new revenue channel that offers recurring revenue for a service that has no location restrictions.

Push-to-talk technology is growing exponentially, PTT technology is attracting a broad church of industries, both traditional two-way radio users and new users of instant communication. Businesses are recognizing the numerous benefits to implementing PoC technology and how it can increase productivity and keep their workforce safe.

No Expensive Infrastructure Required

Our cutting edge, subscription based solution delivers a host of solutions, from traditional two-way to mapping with real time awareness.

For many of our clients, secure communication is critical. We take advantage of cellular and wifi infrastructures combined with our private secure cloud, offering our clients encrypted and secure communication, on a national scale.



Anyone who currently uses mobile phones or two-way radios within their business will benefit from using POC. Here’s just a few of the industries that use POC as their communication solution.

Why work with PTTI?

We offer our partners the ability to establish themselves quickly, at low cost, with full training and support. With minimum investment, partners can access a new revenue stream with industry leaders who have brand recognition.

Partnering with PTTI is choosing to work with industry leaders, who are at the forefront of driving industry standards. PTTI are contributors and supporters of the global push-to-talk standard OMA-POC 3GGP.